10 Common Lies That Men Tell Their Ladies

Men, do you agree?

A scientific study has recently concluded that men will lie at least 6 times every day on average. That same study also concluded that one of the contributing reasons as to why men lie a lot is because they tend to get away with it most of the time. They are able to get away with their lies because the people that they lie to are mostly oblivious of their dishonesty. They don’t know how to read body language and they can never tell when they are being lied to. Most of the time, the victims of these lies are mostly the women or the girlfriends of these men. Now, not all lies are going to be equally bad. There are some lies that are done for noble reasons. There are some lies that are conducted for shady purposes.

There are some lies that are just straight up selfish and toxic. You might consider the possibility that a man is lying to you to protect you from the truth. While his intentions may be noble, lying is still going to be wrong. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you must always promote full and open honesty no matter how uncomfortable it may make you. So how do you catch your man in a lie? Well, it can be difficult especially when you’re not an expert at reading body language.

And some men have even perfected the art of lying; they can practically earn Oscars with their dishonest performances. But in any case, you still want to be prepared. This article is going to give you a list of some very common lies that a lot of men tell their ladies. So if your man ever tells you one of these things, be very skeptical. There is sufficient reason for you to believe that he is probably lying to you.

1. He says he trusts you to go out with your girlfriends even when he’s not there.

Chances are he doesn’t really trust you all that much. Not to say that he would restrict you from going out with your lady pals. It’s just that he can’t say that he’s completely comfortable with the idea of you going out without him there.

2. He says has been to busy to respond to your text messages.
Granted, there will be times wherein he will genuinely be too busy to respond to your text messages. But when it starts to become a routine, then that’s when you can start to feel really sketchy about the situation. No person is ALWAYS busy.

3. He says isn’t jealous of your ex boyfriends.

He might say that he isn’t jealous of them, and that might be true for the most part. But he would definitely be lying if he said he hasn’t thought about the ways that your exes were better than him at being a boyfriend.

4. He says he doesn’t mind listening to you nag about all of your drama.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that men absolutely hate drama. So why would you expect him to be telling the truth if he says that he’s willing to listen to you nag about the drama in your life?

5. He says he doesn’t look at other girls anymore.

Of course, he looks at other girls. He can’t help it. He isn’t going to be blind to the physical attractiveness to other girls. You shouldn’t be upset about that. If he starts acting on that physical attraction however, then that’s a cause for concern.

6. He says he enjoys hanging out with your friends.
He doesn’t really enjoy being with your friends. He just loves you enough to act like your friends are the best.

7. He says he doesn’t mind whenever you get piss drunk.

Have you ever been around yourself when you’ve been drunk? It’s not a joyful experience at all. He hates having to take care of you when you’re drunk. But he wants you to have a good time and so he lets you get wasted even though he’s the one who has to clean up after your mess.

8. He says he has to work late that night.
Yes, there will be some times wherein he has to work late at night, but when it becomes a consistent thing, then there may be something shady going on there that you need to be worried about.

9. He says it’s okay for him whenever you arrive late.

It isn’t okay for him whenever you arrive late. He hates that you wasted his time. He hates how he had to worry about getting there early so that you wouldn’t wait for him. He hates how you don’t value his time.

10. He says he doesn’t watch pxxn online.
Of course he does. He has to rely on porn to relieve himself whenever you’re not there to finish the job for him.

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