15 People Whose Creativity Bowled Us Over

If you have a rich imagination, then any crack in the asphalt or stain on the coffee will turn your mind into a flying bird or a big-eyed alien. You are able to see things that others don’t see which means that you can be encouraged by even more ordinary things. Thousands of other individuals might not see something odd, but the characters of our compilation noticed something and shared their dreams with us Just look at the pictures in our compilation.

“In the office, my coworker spilled wine and I turned that stain into a cat.”

© VoodooMamaJuuJuu/Imgur

“This chick with long legs”

© captainhowdy27/Reddit

“I found those terrified lizards at work in my basement.”

© ohwhatnowoscar/Reddit

Have you ever been afraid of wearing your own sock?

© daveboy2000/Imgur

“Silent parrot for sale”

© SaphirMeer/Reddit

“Our 2 cats appear to have been cross-stitched to the carrier.”

© Bombingofdresden/Reddit

Do you also see a rabbit here?

© merli/Imgur

When you’re tied up and being taken to an unknown location:

© Cybermonk80/Pikabu

“So, apparently, even the shadow of my toothbrush pays attention to their oral hygiene.”

© DHSVlip/Reddit

Bonus: A photographer produces pregnant mermaid pictures that display the brightest side of maternity

© projeto_sereias / Instagram© Ulysses Padilha

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