7 Signs That He Is Only With You For Your Looks

Let’s face it. We live in a very visual and objectified world these days. And that kind of shallow philosophy can carry over into a relationship – where it all just becomes about physical pleasures and aesthetics. To put things simply, you are so used to dealing with guys who …

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9 Sad Reasons A Man Might Leave A Woman He Still Loves

Love. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s one of the most amazing experiences you could possibly ever share with another person. But despite what you’ve been led to believe, love alone isn’t going to be enough to sustain a relationship. Do you know why? Because human beings are flawed. And not …

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9 Signs Your Man Is Using You For His Ego

Ego should not exist in relationships. Men are egotistical creatures more so than women. And that’s why they are the subject of this article. There are just so many men out there who unhealthily give into the needs of their ego without necessarily considering the gravity of their words or …

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